15 July 2024
Presidents Address

Following the recent Chapter AGM, Vivienne Keavey, Manager of Malahide Credit Union was elected as President of Chapter 20.

I am honoured to have been elected Chapter 20 President as it enters its 53rd year. I wish to thank the Executive for their commitment, ideas, views and endeavours with Chapter activities and duties and I hope we can continue this excellent work in my year as President. Chapter offers all member credit union delegates the opportunity to meet with colleagues, share ideas and experiences and engage through a meaningful platform.

It is imperative that credit unions continue to support Chapter and I wish to thank all those who attend regularly. It is my intention that Chapter 20 will continue to offer presentations and seminars that are topical, relevant and a support to delegates and credit union officers. I would encourage credit unions to send any of their officers who are interested in a particular topic to ensure that the message reaches the relevant people in your credit union directly and effectively.

I trust you find our website user-friendly, informative and beneficial. It should reflect the Chapterís recognition of the importance of digital and social media platforms and will prove useful in continuing the long history of serving Chapter 20 member credit unions.

Chapter is a valuable resource. As we all know, it was established as a promotional, educational, training and social platform in the spirit of co-operation and this resource is particularly relevant and important in the current climate of shared services and rapidly changing legislative and regulatory requirements.

Let us remind ourselves that Chapter addresses many objectives, including the promotion of the credit union movement and the community service and social responsibility role as set out in the our Operating Principles; facilitating active co-operation and partnership between credit unions; promoting, best practice and excellence in service to the credit union members; assisting in the provision of training and education to member credit unions; assisting in the formulation of League policy; liaising with other chapters on matters of common interest. Given todayís turbulent business environment, Chapter can play a vital role in helping credit unions to reach the heightened governance and operational standards required by our members.

The work of Chapter 20 and all our member delegates is vital for the continued growth and sustenance of our movement. I look forward to working with you to ensure that Chapter 20 plays a pivotal role in driving and building our future.


Best regards,

Vivienne Keavey